Things Girls Like From Guys


Some guys think that the saying, “nice guys finish last" is true. Some girls have a thing for bad guys, but no-one wants a man who is rude and aggressive. A #man should never physically or mentally abuse a female. One of the #things girls wish all guys knew is that sweetness isn’t a weakness. A #guy doesn’t have to be overly romantic or sentimental, but he can’t be a brute.


All #men should know the importance of compliments. We don’t want to constantly be told lies about how #beautiful we are. We want genuine compliments that make us feel special. A simple comment on how nice we look is better than a lie about how we #look sexier than Jessica Alba. Of course, if he genuinely believes that, it’s a fantastic #compliment


Some guys don’t realize how much the #world has changed over time. While they should still be a gentleman, they don’t have to pay for every meal. They don’t have to provide for their family. They can let the #woman do the work while they stay home and take care of the kids. Even better, they can work as a team and divide up their financial and familial responsibilities


If a guy likes a girl, he should let her know. If he asks her out and she turns him down, at least he knows where she stands. If she’s rude to him, he can be glad that he didn’t end up with someone like her. When a guy keeps his feelings a secret, he could miss out on the #girl of his dreams. A #guy shouldn’t be afraid to ask a girl out and shouldn’t mind if a girl is the one to make the first move on him.


The old belief that it’s not manly to cry or to show emotions is dead. Men and #women are both human. We both feel the same emotions in the same ways. There’s nothing wrong with crying when you’re upset or hugging someone that you care about. Not telling someone how much they mean to you can push them away. Why would a #guy want to take that risk?


This one applies to both men and #women. No one should#cheat on the person they promised to be loyal to. It can give the other person trust issues and cause them limitless pain. If someone want to pursue other options, they should break up with their #partner. It’s never acceptable to betray someone who trusts you.


#guy should never tell a woman how to dress or how much make-up to wear. He can voice his opinion on how he feels about the way she looks, but it’s not his decision. A woman is in charge of her own body, even if she marries a #man. Guys have to realize that they can’t control #everything. His#partner is a person independent from him and is capable of making her own decisions.
Most guys are aware of these facts, but some have been left in the dark. What do you get annoyed with that #men often do? Is there anything I’ve left off of the list?

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