Book: I Almost Ruined my Marriage- Eno Jerry

"I Almost Ruined my Marriage" Book tour begins on the 21st October 2017

Eno Jerry, the Author will be in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Jos and Owerri... So if you close by, get ready for a Transformation, God's Style.

"I almost Ruined My Married" is a true life story of the Author herself.

About the Book
"The journey in the early years of marriage was quite painful and enduring. Nothing I knew seemed to make sense anymore. All the seemingly harmless habits I got away with in the course of my life as a single became a challenge in marriage.
When you marry a near-perfect man, as I did, your flaws become so glaring...

...In this Book, I will be sharing my journey so far, what I had to learn in the process and who I have to become through my experiences.

-words of Eno Jerry.

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