Timi Blaze may just be the leader of the new generation Nigerian rappers ,Here is the viral lyrics to his intense  6 minutes long ' Fix up the game ' reply  to  MI ABAGA's controversial YOU RAPPERS SHOULD FIX UP YOUR LIVES . Read or Download the lyrics and Enjoy !!!

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[Verse 1 ]

I kind of agree with you big homie
You really did this shit big homie
You must have stood on the console cos you had the whole game at your feet homie
Too many classics like Beethoven , 30 minutes 30 kilograms
Nobody done it yet like you
Chairman no get any synonym

But i don't agree nobody's spitting
If and only if anybody listened , if i didn't have to rob a bank to get on this radio stations maybe i won't be in the situation where i have to
Draft a rap to blast a fucking rap star , a fucking rap legend, my fucking mentor , meen i shouldn't do this but oh damn !

How you gonna say that theres nobody dope ?
Bro , what did you smoke ?
This ain't 08' you ain't safe no more, better stop with the jokes

All i created is vanishing , ossshey Judas is Job
You took a trip to Jamaica ? you getting good with the jokes

Before rappers fix up there lives , this pr's should switch off there hype
Wack a-listers switch off there mic grab a 9 to 5 bro , go pick up a tie
Nobodies dope in the a-list , gat none of your songs on my play-list
Yall gat stations on your pay-list so they be playing your fake shit

Nasty , Casper , Aka they all being an sway in the morning
And yall still here yawning ?
Wetin do una ?

All of una sound real dumb local rappers don dey chop una
Tin don don ding dong , pack all of una for one corner

Yall niggas shouldn't be famous / Yall sound like shit out my anus /
Big boys blowing like 2-pac but still don't make any changes
Real rap music endangered , wack rappers killing the game sha
Yall need Timi to save ya , the lyrical born in a manger ?

Is anybody really doing anything besides criticizing ? hell no! /
How man boys wey you know wey dey spit fire but help dem no gree help no /

You don blow for like 20years and you still no want gree help anyone/
No bro you can't be a legend of what don't exist anymore
You say you a legend I'm not sure
You need to do more for the culture
Nail this shit on the head bruh ,no dey give am acupuncture
Word on the street is oga for top no want make awon omo boys chop!
How you gonna blame us wen you chopping the main course , still chopping the small chops?

[HOOK] *2

Yall need to fix up the game
Yall need to fix up the game
Get That Shit Into Your Brain
No be every rapper lame

[ Verse 2 ]
You never heard of Timi blaze, bro go ask of me/
You could tell I'm the future if you take the mask off me/
No dey preach, you ain't u pops no dey form pastor shit
Retire well pension sure chairman grab a sit

And catch me casually cause catastrophe
Cast they cadavers where the casket be
Bars fresh like they never left the factory
100.5 wen I rap oops! I passed the beat?

Fans they call me young Ali the way I bash the beat
Rappers go fall when I blow like I'm pastor Chris
Slit a rapper any time I grab a beat
Viewer discretion be advised this some graphic shit

Jude Jude , Look what you don to yourself bro
Now how you gonna say the south be killing us
Now look what you done to yourself
Now you gat a million barrells aimed at your skull
Now you gonna really have to step put the booth and be super man
Clark Kent , Clark Kent , Lets hope Clark actually can

This African rappers my slaves bro they call me Massa /
T.I.M.I So fly meen i'm a spy for NASA
Nasty On The Mic , AKA Genius Pascal , now who you say was killing me again ? Was that Casper ?

[HOOK] *2

Yall need to fix up the game
Yall need to fix up the game
Get That Shit Into Your Brain
No be every rapper lame

[ Verse 3 ]
First you should fix up the radio stations , get good rap music back up there
Or build a station dedicated to rap music so we can actually get rap heard
Eminems gat Shade 45 , you can have yours too you qualified , then you can take back control
Thats how we'll get wack music nullified

But rappers rappers make we talk true , no only MI Don try kpa/
But all these other rappers I used to look up to now am like (spits) tufiakwa/
No dey over hype your weak bars/
No dey give chidinma big bra!
Your family house dey for shitta/dat still don't mean your the shit sir/
All the dope rappers I said it again they are underground/
If you big men can't give us a push bro then we might as well call it a conquered ground /

Now i know you know , i know you bro
If Niggas had the funds to push there music there would be niggas who would have done it 5 times bigger , there would have been niggas who would have held it down , i know you know that bro

Rappers wey dey para yapa , but rappers no get any raba , how rapper go waka go hammer person , 400k for alaba
Five Million naira for airplay , meen all this stations be deadly see i'm just trying be self made but i no go mind if you help me

Olamide blow sharp sharp , sharp guy run carry lil kesh
Chinko , viktoh , davolee , you see how they helping themselves?
Dr.Dre put on Eminem and Eminem put on 50 cent and 50 cent put on G-Unit
Nigga thats how the real do it !!
Jayz put on Jcole , Kanye , Tronika , Kanye put on Big sean , Designerr , Chance , Mensa
Lilwayne put on Nicki ,Drake , Tyga
You talking about the south but didn't HHP put on Casper ?

Nigga, i could rapping and shit but ... ( Drops Mic )