COMUI Student Protest

The University of Ibadan, College of Medicine students have embarked on a protest that stands against the increment of there school fees to a hundred thousand naira (#100,000).
This has left student furious, seeking for help from every source possible...

They also have created a petition that will need to be signed by as many students, parents, supporters and so on. Please do well to sign this petition below to prevent this increment to take place...


Please find petition below;


Message from College of Medicine Students:

An arbitrary fee of NGN100,000 is being charged from students of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (COMUI). 

This is done because reportedly, "the Federal Government of Nigeria is no longer supporting Tertiary Education", "University of Ibadan (UI) has been cut out of the budget", amongst many other claims which are quite frankly untrustworthy. 

This policy to astronomically increase the fees, in this fashion is ill-advised, and made in bad faith. And will only serve to make an already bad situation worse. Because, as it stands, many undergraduates of UI can barely afford the current fees. 

I implore to sign this petition and save the future of tertiary education for the Nigerian poor man. 

Thank you and God bless