An alcoholic drink is a drink that contains (Ethanol), a type of alcohol produced by fermentation of grain, fruit or other sources of sugar.

        Common causes of  alcoholism
1. Stressful Environments: while not every person turns to alcohol to relieve stress, some people do. When a person has a stressful job,for example they may be more likely to drink heavily.

2. Drinking at an early age: According to the Mayo clinic, those who begin drinking at an early age are more likely to have an alcohol problem or a physical dependence on alcohol as they get older.

3. Mental health: problems like depression anxiety, depression bipolar disorder or other mental health issues can increase risk of alcohol when a person is feeling anxious or depressed and the effects of alcohol may seem to temporarily ease those feelings. This  can restore to drinking more and more leading to alcohol addiction.

        Disadvantages of drinking alcohol
    1. Liver damage/other non-brain damage : Alcohol is a poison. A poison human are fairly well set up to deal with, but it still causes damage in far too many ways for me to describe in one paragraph.

    2. Brain damage.  This only really come into play if you're a total alcoholic, and seem to affect some people a lot more than others. Again, the long-term disadvantage of alcohol are too varied to describe them all.

     3. Drunken behavior. This ranges from false confidence to lack of motor skills. Just take one look at a drunk person and that'll tell you more than i could in 💯 words