(Poem) Love or Lust

I'm lost,
The idea of mistaking love for lust
The idea of mistaking lust for love
Don't act innocent
Don't pretend you never knew the love wasn't adjacent,
All you did was just to use her
All you did was not because you wanted her
Just used your pin to poke her
I'm not Naira Marley but congratulations for being a puta
You've had your fun are you happy now?
Now you tired and you tell her it's time you take the bow
And ya all up in her dm so the sex was good wow
And all of a sudden you want her now
And you expect to take you back like you good now,
0h wow.
He realized no other girl would want your ass
The one who did you just used her ass
Now you back begging Las Las
If only she knew him wey love her pass
If only she knew that ugly guy na him want her pass
For her love he won't let pain pass
Na him go want her pass
But he's not her type Las Las
If only you'd learn to love those that love you, your heart will never be broken again... Love is a gift, and the power to love comes with a dream, one shouldn't date without you thinking about having a future with that person. I have heard people saying things like "anything can happen" and it can be for two reasons, one which is you know your partner doesn't love you, the second being that you lack the same amount of love your partner has for you. Love doesn't come with revenge, cuz if you truly love someone no matter the situation you find each other in as exes, you'd wish well for that person. If you being with someone doesn't make them happy let go, that's true love, anything otherwise is obsession! And one more thing, girls please if you like a guy, open your mouth and say so, I used to think nobody could love me even tho I got stares wherever I went 😅 but when they found out I began to like someone they come all out when it's too late, you should know when to speak up! Gender is nothing, as long as I'm concerned, if someone asks me out I consider that person very brave, cuz I know girls to have irritating amounts of pride
_©M 0 0 N L I G H T writings_
Piece from Ikon