#TruthThursday: Break That Habit

Who was your favourite super hero while growing up?
Not all superheroes wear capes.... I've always wanted to say that. 😆
 Why ?
Do you know that once you receive the life Jesus gives, you have a super power, become extraordinary and strong enough to break any and every habit? 
Mind blowing right???

Take a look at these verses.

As you yield freely and fully to the dynamic life and power of the Holy Spirit, you will abandon the cravings of your self-life.

Galatians 5:16 TPT

This means that God is transforming each one of you into the Holy of Holies , his dwelling place, through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you!

Ephesians 2:22 TPT

Amazing! The super power you receive is given by the power of the Holy Spirit. He strengthens you to resist the habit and fight back the devil. He reminds you of the Grace you have received and your sonship in the family of God.

So now what's that habit again? The one that overwhelmes you with guilt when you do it. The not-so-perfect thing about you that questions your salvation.

When you said yes to Jesus, it was your spirit that got changed, your soul and body still requires a daily renewal and that's by God's word. Everything doesn't stop at once. It takes a process of transformation. 

If you find yourself still doing those things that your spirit no longer agrees with, I assure you that you can overcome.

How can I overcome these habits? Jesus to the rescue!!!
1. Understand the work of grace in your life. 
Grace doesn't give you the liberty to sin, it works in you to break you lose from it's hold. You can't help yourself, quit trying.  When you fall,run back to Jesus, don't runaway from Him

2. Always remind yourself of God's grace. Your mind, soul and body needs a renewing and that requires a process of constantly reminding yourself of the truth, it sets us free. Remind yourself that he who is born of God has OVERCOME THE WORLD. 

3. Stay away from the source of the unhealthy desires and replace it with something else. Watch the content you feed your mind with even the people you hang out with, choose your friends wisely. Nothing should pull you back into a mess, be deliberate about what you see and hear. Be disciplined enough to skip sex scenes in a movie, don't read books with obscene imagery. 

5. Don't avoid fellowship and tell someone about this. At that point, you might feel guilty to attend church. No! Church is where you find healing and people who would uphold you in love. Still run to the presence of God. Also find an accountability partner, someone you can call immediately when the urge to engage in the habit comes, this person should be able to pray for you.

6. Make confessions. Here are a few you can say.
🙌I have been saved by grace through Faith. 
🙌I am empowered by the Holy Spirit and broken free from the hold of sin.
🙌I experience progress in my work of sanctification.
🙌I am sitted in heavenly places, this habit is beneath me.
🙌I am quickened to work in the newness of life. 
🙌I no longer fulfill the desires of flesh because I have put on Christ. 
🙌I recognize the sufficiency of God's grace. 
Hallelujah 🙏

Were you expecting practical steps? 
Nah. You can't do this if Jesus isn't involved.
But hey these are practical enough. Don't forget that it's a process, you can't change all at once.